On the evolution of my research

Mioara Mugur-Schächter
20 juin 2009, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France


      As early as my very first contact with quantum mechanics, as a student, I felt strongly interested by the foundations of this theory, by the singularity of its mathematical formalism, by the cryptic significances that can be guessed to be incorporated in this formalism, and by the problems of interpretation which the quantum theory raises ever since it came into being.



  1. The period 1964-1979 
Invalidation of two theorems of impossibility (von Neumann, Wigner) and refusal of Bell's theorem on non-locality
  2. The period 1984-1994 
Fragmentary critiques and constructions concerning quantum mechanics, probabilities, communication of information, and involving epistemological features
  3. 1994 up to this day
  4. Perspective
  5. A hope and a declaration of faith


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